Zoom Online Classes

Amid COVID-19 and in compliance with the state's stay-at-home order, East End Fitness is now brought to your own living room as one of our instructors will lead you through an intensive group workout. We believe the best workouts are often when you are able to work out with friends and family in competition to grow you mind and body. 

Zoom gives us this opportunity to connect with you and offer enhanced personalization through each workout. Our online workouts do not require you to have any equipment on hand. While we can certainly use equipment you have to tailor your online experience, it is not necessary. 

Expect a 30-45 min high intensity workout that will challenge you daily to continue building your strength and improving your cardio. A 12:00PM EST and 5:00PM EST class will occur everyday. How often you wish to complete a session is up to you. We are here to provide an instructive way for you to grow. Please reach out to us if you are interested or have any questions regarding our virtual classes.